Barely Used (Used Goods Store)

My dad took me to a shop in Keller called Barely Used. He said all the books were marked down to 25 cents. Yes!

I didn’t even look at this other stuff. Apparently everything in the store was marked down, and my dad has his eye on a HUGE HUGE HUGE bag of cat food. (LIke HUGE!)

I bought “Tomorrow’s Alphabet,” a fantastic alphabet book. Normally I do not like alphabet books at all, but this one has a unique spin that keeps read and child interested. (It’s a guessing game.) And I love George Shannon and Donald Crews!

I bought this, and have since read it. I really loved it!!!!! So original and so cute and so fun. I also love Gail Carson Levine!

Some VERY high quality books here!

omigosh, I remember this from when I was a kid.

I still remember McBroom’s eleven kids’ names: Will Jill Hester Chester Peter Polly Tim Tom Mary Larry and Little Clarinda!

My dad never got his cat food. It turned out that even though everything was marked down….cat food wasn’t included!


When Kitty not happy, nobody happy.

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