Japan News Alert

I am not going to post about my trip to the States today. A lot has been happening in Japan, and I wanted to discuss that.

First, there was a typhoon that was, I think, the strongest in twenty-five years. It affected mostly the southern part of Japan. In Fukushima City we got heavy rain during the night, but that was all, I believe.

The rain woke me around two–it was extraordinarily loud. Our window was closed, but I wondered, “Is that the noise of our air conditioner? Or rain? Could it be raining that hard and that loudly?” (It was the rain.) The rain last a while, but was gone by morning. It had woken me up, and I am an early riser, so after four a.m I went down to the living room to get dressed and so on.

Then I sat on my sofa to read a book about earthquakes in Japan. It’s called “When the Earth Roars” and it is by American Japan AND Japanese quake expert Gregory Smith. I was mostly about the history of quakes in Japan. I recommend this book. I learned a lot from it.

Anyway, as I was sitting there on the sofa reading it, we had a small quake here in Fukushima City. Small, but we haven’t had any for a long while. And I thought, “How ironic. I am reading a book about quakes when a quake hits.”

But then: early today in the morning, Hokkaido was hit by a very destructive quake. This has just happened today, so I don’t have a lot to say. Just telling the news of it. Here’s a link with ongoing news translated from the original Japanese to English:


Furthermore, the news came out that a Fukushima nuclear plant worker has been confirmed to have died from radiation from the nuclear power plant. He was in charge of measuring radiation.


Okay, sorry for the very serious post. (No humor today.) Have a nice day. 🙂

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