My N1 Test is finished…!

I took the N1 Noryoku Shiken (It tests the abilities of foreigners in the Japanese language) on Sunday afternoon. It’s over! Yay! I won’t get the results until February of 2019.

These are the items I prepared prior to the test. I needed my test voucher, HB pencils, erasers. The eraser must be slipped out of its case.

I also brought a watch. The room has no clock. My phone is there–it must be turned off during the test.

Snacks for the breaktime, but I didn’t end up eating them.

N1 is the hardest of the five levels for the test. At this very high level, everybody in the room is very good at Japanese (if not–that person should not have chosen to take the test. Level N5 is for beginners in the Japanese language.) Many of the test takers are college students from various Asian countries. Everybody in the room was Asian, mostly Chinese and Vietnamese. I think the only other native English speaker besides me was a young man from New Zealand. (I talked to him briefly.)

I don’t think I passed, but I do think that with more study, I could eventually pass. That’s a nice feeling.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting a lot. I have avidly been working on my writing of manuscripts. I’d like to get them published.

So take care, everyone, and have a great December!

About kireikireikireiI am a mom.

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