Friday Japanese Class End of the Year Party!

My Japanese teachers are so very kind to give their time to help us non-native Japanese speakers. They are all such very good people!!!! ❤ My Japanese level wouldn’t be as good as it is without them, and my knowledge of Japanese culture would not be as thorough, either. I owe so much to them!

The following photos are from today’s party.

My male Japanese teacher is a great cook. He attends cooking classes! His food was so popular.

I made a couscous pudding with a recipe that I got off the internet. The reason I chose this is because we have high school students who are living here to play basketball–and they are from North Africa. So I wanted to try to give them something that is common in their own country.

The wafers in the box were made by my husband. He makes these “cheese sembei” for me and my son, so I asked him to make them for the party. It’s a simple recipe!

A woman who works in a bookstore always goes all out! She’s a fantastic cook.

This squid and carrot dish is an extremely famous dish of our region (Fukushima.) The note reads that it is Fukushima Taste Made by a Real Fukushima Person. My male teacher made this (and yes, he is a born and bred Fukushimer!)

His wife made AmaZake. Literally, “sweet sake” but there’s no alcohol so kids can drink it.


Happy Holidays! A huge thank you to all the people who work so hard to help out us non-Japanese people in Japan.

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