Elementary School Yomikikase–Eric Carle’s “Dream Snow”

The other elementary school library volunteers asked me to do a book for the first and second graders. Knowing that it would not be read to the older kids, I chose an Eric Carle book. Like most people, I love Carle’s books, but I have avoided them for yomikikase (reading aloud to students) because I feel their subject matter is usually too babyish for the fifth and sixth graders.

My mother had sent me his “Dream Snow” back when my own son was a toddler, so I chose it. The Japanese version is (as always) from our local library.

I know my illustration of a farm is impressive…but I copied it off an image I found on the internet. LOL, I enjoy drawing, but I’m certainly no professional.

This book was a huge hit, and I was requested to also read it to the special education class and to the kids at the public preschool next door. If you’re wondering–yes, Japan does Christmas. But it is the secular variety, not the religious variety.  Most people here are not Christian, but they’ve borrowed a lot from western culture in recent years, and traditions of Christmas is one cultural aspect that has been borrowed.

I enjoy books and I enjoy kids, so I enjoy being a library volunteer!

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2 thoughts on “Elementary School Yomikikase–Eric Carle’s “Dream Snow”

  1. Oh I love Eric Carl too. His colorful collages are always beautiful I met him once at a literary conference once and he was ver nice. I have most of his books but not Dream Snow. I’ll have to get it. Teaching for twenty six years I found that students of all ages love his books, especially the little surprises on the back page of most of them. Merry Christmas.

    God be with you,



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