Giraffey Day

Very early this morning, just as the sun was rising, I poked my head out our front door. Thick fog covered our neighborhood.

“There are giraffes outside!” I said to my husband.

I had mixed up the word kirin (giraffe) and fog (kiri.) My husband is clever and basically knew what I was trying to say.

Anyway, on my early morning walk, I took my camera along to take photos of this very foggy morning.


At this point, I had reached my destination. (Momiji Park) I will post those photos of the park tomorrow.

The banner says, “Kite.” It the command form of the verb “kuru” (to come.) So the banner reads simply,”Come.” It’s asking people to come to Fukushima Prefecture.

Mini-Japanese lesson: kuru (to come) is くる in hiragana. Using the Chinese character, however, it can be written 来る

They are the same word (both kuru, meaning “to come”) くる and 来る. These are two different ways to write the same word. So if the banner used only hiragana, it would be きて(Kite meaning “Come.”) The banner designer chose to use a kanji character, though, making it 来て(Kite meaning “Come.”)

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