Foggy Park

This post is continued from yesterday. Such a foggy morning. This is at Momiji Park (about ten minute’s walk from my house.)

Sorry, horizon is not straight. I was concentrating on getting a photo of the path!!!!!!!!

This park’s name “Momiji” translates into “Autumn Leaves.”

That large building is Fukushima Prefecture’s Administration Building. (Sorry, I don’t know the official name of it. Fukushima City is the capitol city of Fukushima Prefecture, so it’s the governing building.) This used to be the location of Fukushima City’s castle, years and years and years ago.

(Few original Japanese castles still exist, for various reasons. War, fire, so on…)

The Shinto shrine in the park. I talked to a woman here quite a long time.

The river is right below…but in this photo, it can barely be seen due to the thick fog.

A heron. Swans live in these parts, too. Cranes, however, no longer live in Tohoku. The famous Red-Crowned Crane can only be found in Hokkaido (and then, only a small part of Hokkaido.)

A wild duck. This brown duck is called “kamo” in Japanese. The word for duck that we usually learn (as Japanese language learners) “ahiru” refers to a white duck like Donald Duck.

I zoomed in on the heron.

This is a crow. It had been in the tree, cawing, and I thought maybe it was jealous because I had been paying so much attention to the heron. But evidently not, because it flew off when I raised my camera to take its photo.

If you “COME!” to our fine city of Fukushima City, this area in the photos is extremely easy to walk to from the train station. It’s about ten minutes, probably, maybe fifteen.


Tomorrow I will post videos from this foggy morning.


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2 thoughts on “Foggy Park

  1. Thank you for the walk. It’s pretty in the fog. Our grass looked all frosty white this morning. But with the sunshine it’s back to normal now. Merry Christmas 🎁 🎄 to you and your family Amy.

    God be with you,



    • Thank you so much, Cousin Trella! I appreciate you looking at my blog! 🙂 So sweet of you but then my mom always said you were very sweet. Merry Christmas. God be with you, too!!!!!!!! Please tell Uncle Phil hello. I am praying for his MS to not get worse.


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