Very early morning in Sakata City (Husband’s hometown)

The photos on today’s post were all taken in January 2019 at my husband’s parents’ house in Yamagata Prefecture. His parents are farmers, so this is a farmhouse. It was very early in the morning.

Do you see their cat?

Over the years, my husband’s parents always have one cat, a free cat they’ve gotten from somewhere. The cat’s official “job” is to rid the farm of vermin like mice and moles. However, my husband’s father is a cat whisperer. Cats LOVE LOVE LOVE him, because he is very gentle, he loves cats, and he always has dried fish in his pockets for the current cat. A winning combination.

I, on the other hand, get very excited when I am around a cat and my excitement annoys the cat. Dogs like me tons. Cats tolerate me.

You can see the annoyance on their cat’s face. “Humeenalina, you idiot. Stop taking my photo and let me in the dang house. It’s freezing out here, I’ve been partying all night (even though I’m neutered,) and I’m hungry. So put the camera down now. Geesh.”

(The cat refers to me as Humeenalina because he thinks I look like a Humeenalina.)

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