Electricity sources around the world

The other day I showed photos of power lines near my inlaws’ home in the countryside. My inlaws live in the area of Japan known as Tohoku, and I also live in the area of Japan known as Tohoku.  (Tohoku is the northern part of the island of Honshu. It has a reputation of being rural. Tokyo is NOT in Tohoku.)

Dai Ichi nuclear power plant (the power plant in Fukushima which suffered the meltdowns) is in Tohoku, but it did NOT supply power to people here in Tohoku. It supplied power to Tokyo.

We who live in Tohoku (and that means me in Fukushima City) get our electricity from a different source: Tohoku Electric Power Company.

Tohoku Electric Power Company has several power stations, listed here.  As you can see if you scroll down, that includes two nuclear power plants. These two nuclear power plants did not have meltdowns.

Only the Dai Ichi nuclear power plant (owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company) suffered meltdowns. Although its location was Tohoku (Fukushima, to be precise,) power lines led from that plant all the way down to Tokyo.

This is very confusing, but it’s important information.

I myself do not like it when people who are living in or visiting Tokyo say nasty things (online) about Fukushima because Tokyo’s electricity consumption is the reason for the meltdowns.  And yeah, people frequently say nasty things about Fukushima nowadays. So don’t say nasty things about FUKUSHIMA. Please. Don’t.

In case you are wondering where the people of the world get their electricity, here is a map:


Three sources are shown in the map:

  1. Fossil Fuels
  2. Nuclear
  3. Renewables

Each source has good points and each source has bad points. I am not here to tell you which source is best. I want you kids of the world to think about the sources. You kids are the future. You are the scientists of tomorrow.

(images are from  https://www.irasutoya.com/   )


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2 thoughts on “Electricity sources around the world

  1. I Was so curious about all of the countries that have had name changes since I became an adult. I spent an hour clicking to see the names of all the African countries, European countries, and Asian countries. I always like geography when I was in school. So much of the world has changed in my lifetime. This was interesting too to see the countries that rely on fossil fuels. Our house is almost total electric, the only that that uses gas is our hot water heaters. Thanks again for the lesson.

    Have a most remarkable week and God Bless you, Trella


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