New Bakery near Fukushima Prefectural Art Museum

I love to go to both the Fukushima Prefectural Art Museum and the Fukushima Prefectural Library. They are located together about a twenty minute walk from the Fukushima train station. (East Exit)

So I’m on my way……Tra la la la la   la la    la      la

Oh, look! A new bakery. Let’s check it out.

This bakery has just been built, and it’s a good addition because there are not a lot of cafes near the art museum.

I went in and talked to the owner. The bread in the photo is a traditional sweet scone. It’s the sort of sweet that a Japanese grandma or grandpa would have eaten when they were young.

The owner took me upstairs to the eating scones and drinking coffee nook.

I loved the fire because nowadays one doesn’t see real fires inside of buildings. So cozy!

A photo from the window. It’s a five minute walk (or less) to the museum/library.

Japan–so orderly! Bicyclists on the left, please. Pedestrians on the right.

And kisses for the Pomeranians.

Pomeranians are the Reese Witherspoons of the Dog World.

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