Bullet train track pics

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Zoom Zoom Zack Zack

The bullet train (shinkansen) runs through Fukushima City, stopping at our Fukushima Station. It’s very convenient for us here, although the elevated bullet train tracks are an eyesore. Do you think so? Or do you think they are totally awesome?

In the above photos, the bullet train is actually there in the photo, zipping past me along the elevated track! You can’t see anything except the bullet train’s tippy tippy top top (just barely. It’s that slight gray thing that looks like part of the track.) I guess the wall alongside the track is too high for me to get a good photo.

You can see the bullet train in the above photo. (The top half of the bullet train.)

At this point in the tracks, the local train runs below the bullet train tracks. That’s a cargo train in the photo above.

Same local train tracks, but that’s a local passenger train. It’ll go south to Koriyama City, or north to Sendai City, just like the bullet train. Except it’s a fraction of the cost and a multiplication of the time!

A playground. The bullet train tracks can barely be seen. Can you find it? This is like Where’s Waldo? except it is Where’s Tracky?

Tracky is off to the right, behind the house with the red roof.

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