Ikebana Exhibit

This morning I went to a local shopping center (DaiYU 8 Max) near my home in Fukushima City. The fourth floor is where my Wednesday Japanese class is held. It’s a catch-all place for different events, and so on. (The fourth floor is NOT a shopping area.)

My teacher told me about an upcoming Ikebana event. (Ikebana is a traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers.) And so here are the photos from my visit this morning! (I asked if photography was allowed, and they were happy for me to take photos.) The creators of these floral artworks are Ikebana teachers here in Fukushima, and also I think one (or two?) is from Tokyo.

So beautiful!

My mother-in-law does ikebana as a hobby. It’s a lovely form of art.

So pretty

I found the materials used very interesting. All from nature, of course.

I don’t know what the round circular plant is called, but my mother used to decorate with it, too. As a child, I found it fascinating!

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to nature, and researching Japanese gardens through books from the library, for my manuscript. I’ll think to myself: Well, how exactly ARE the branches of the cherry blossom tree in winter? So I looked at an actual tree…… (answer: very twiggy!)

Are you paying attention to nature around you? I sure try to! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Ikebana Exhibit

  1. Amy, thanks for sharing the photos. They are beautiful. My sister in law lived in Okinawa for years and took classes to learn how to do the arrangements. She worked for a florists for a while doing Ikebana when she moved back to California. She loved the Japanese designs. She even had her own shop for a while called The Ginger Jar if I remember correctly.

    God be with you,



    • That’s interesting! I imagine that the ikebana arrangements must be very different in Okinawa….They have very different flowers than what we have up here! I’ll bet they are so beautiful and colorful. God be with you, too Aunt Trella!!!!!!!


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