Plum Blossoms in Hanamiyama Park in Fukushima City

Today it was a sunny late winter day, so I headed to Hanamiyama Park, a sightseeing area for flower lovers.

I rode my bicycle.

I wanted to see the plum blossom trees in the area.

It seems that the plum blossoms in the area of Hanamiyama Park are mostly white. Not as striking as the pinkish ones, in my opinion, but still beautiful.

Pink on the left and white on the right.

White plum blossoms. I really like plum blossoms, because they are the first flowers to bloom after our winter. They seem sturdier than cherry blossoms, and thus last longer.

Plum blossoms much less showy than cherry blossoms. That’s good, in my opinion.  Low-key, understated, not likely to embarrass you in public by talking too loudly.

In case you are wondering, these plum blossom trees (and the cherry blossom) trees are ornamental. One does not eat their fruit.

(Fruit is cultivated from different varieties.)

This is the part of my morning where I loudly announce “Jiminy! I’M PLUM TUCKERED OUT!”

At which point, the plum blossom trees pretend to not know me.




There are people who live in this area.

This yellow flowering tree was in full bloom. I learned that its Japanese name is ロウバイ    roubai   蝋梅.

I checked my dictionary. “Roubai” translates to as either Wintersweet or Japanese Allspice.

A brilliant pink plum blossom tree!

Wintersweet in foreground. Plum blossom in backgound.

This is a home’s absolutely beautiful pruned garden. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

This crow is feisty. And scrappy. And spunky. She should be the protagonist in a middle grade novel.

Notice how the horizon is straight. I did good–huh? huh? huh?

Wintersweet……’re so sweet.

Plum blossoms…’re gorgeous.

A whole lot of lovely.

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