Video of Melted Down Fuel

Popping in to show a video of the melted down fuel, the same fuel that was just recently reached (finally!) by a brave and stalwart robot probe. From a scientific viewpoint, it’s very interesting for you kids to see this video. However, as a Fukushimer, it (meaning the fuel itself) makes me sad. The video comes from TEPCO, the company which owns the power plant.


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2 thoughts on “Video of Melted Down Fuel

  1. I don’t understand what the robots are doing to the fuel. It looks pretty scary to me. Are they destroying the fuel? Interesting. But way over my head.

    Have a most remarkable week and God Bless you, Trella


    • The robots aren’t doing anything to the fuel. Scientists themselves can’t get physically near the fuel because it is much too dangerous. Thus the robot in the photo is showing scientists what the fuel is like. Probably taking measurements and so on. Like the Rover on Mars, it sends back information.


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