Jakuchu is here!

Today is March 26, 2019, and as you can see, it is the opening day of the exhibit of the famous Japanese artist Jakuchu!

I have a yearly pass to our prefectural museum here in Fukushima City, so I go and see all the exhibits. Usually it’s me, the guard, and one other person.  (Not crowded.)

Now it is the Jakuchu exhibit (see photo below. I was not allowed to take photos inside the exhibit itself.)

I knew that this Jakuchu exhibit would be very crowded, though, so I decided to see the exhibit on its first day, very early in the morning. I was right–the exhibit was VERY VERY crowded. Most people were coming from other cities in Japan.

I think two reason for the popularity of the Jakuchu exhibit:

1.) Jakuchu is extremely well-known (in Japan. Theoretically, overseas. But um not really.)

2.) Some of the painting in this Jakuchu-only exhibit are from the U.S. An American purchased Jakuchu’s paintings years ago, and they are kept in a museum in the U.S. Thus, this means that Japanese people can not see these painting without going abroad to the United States. Art lovers in Japan are taking the opportunity to see these Jakuchu paintings during the short time they (the paintings) are here in Japan.

It’s written in Japanese on the sign, but this Jakuchu exhibit is part of a effort to revitalize the  Tohoku area after the quake of 2011. (An exhibit like this brings in art lovers from Tokyo and they spend money here in Tohoku.)

Hey! Let’s look at https://jakuchu.org/   !!

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