Eel in Summer

It’s July now. I am very much a believer in Global Warming, but I will say that this year, July in northern Japan has been very cool considering that it is summer. It’s been raining a lot since the beginning of June (more than usual, despite rain being normal in Japan during June.)

Last summer, August was one of the hottest Augusts on record in Japan, reaching record-high temperatures. It made me nervous for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. The last time Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics it was in 1964. And the games were held in October!! Wow! Frankly, October is my favorite month of the year in Japan, weather-wise. It’s usually perfect weather, almost every day.

I guess TV advertisers prefer the Olympics to be held in August, and thus the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics will be in August (my least favorite month of the year in Japan, weather-wise.) If next year is a hot and humid August (And I think it has been Every. Single. Year.) prepare for people to be keeling over from heat-related issues!

Okay, well, it’s July now as I type this in my home in Fukushima City. The end of July is said to be the hottest time of the year and thus it’s a tradition to eat eel at that time. If one goes to a supermarket at the end of July, eel will be on display in abundance.

Meals of Eels

Eels Heal

Eels keep you on even Keel

Don’t you Feel Eels are a great Deal?!

Actually, no. Eel is very expensive, so it’s not a Steal. It’s a splurge.

(The first photo shows prices of 1, 782 yen. That’s about 17 U.S. dollars.  !!!!! For one eel lunch! I know, right? PRICEY!!!!!!!!!!)

I am deterred by the high price, but furthermore, I try to refrain from eating eel because I’ve heard that eel is an animal that is decreasing in numbers rapidly due to over-consumption.

Some seafood can be raised by seafood farmers. Some seafood can be replenished so their numbers don’t go down. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this with some animals, like eel and whale.

I know that eel and whale are a part of Japanese culture, but they’re not part of mine, so I don’t feel any need to consume them. My culture is beef, chicken, pork and turkey, so I’ll have me some of that. :=)

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