Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis began in 2014, when the tap water became contanimated with poisons, especially harmful to children. (Flint is a city in Michigan.)

When I began to hear about it on the news, I felt that there were a lot of similarities with what happened here in the Fukushima area after the meltdowns in 2011. The meltdowns caused radiation to disperse, and radiation is especially harmful to children.

In May, I read a non-fiction book about the Flint’s water crisis because I wanted to understand more about it.

And recently, I watched a Nova PBS documentary about the water crisis in Flint (“Poisoned Water”) which I thought explained it very well.

My heart goes out to the people of Flint and especially their kids.

It’s the worst feeling in the world to think that the kids of an area may be at risk–due to problems that never had to happen.

We adults need to do better, and putting kids’ health and well-being FIRST!


About kireikireikireiI am a mom.

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