Hot Summer!


My mom said Texas is very hot now. It’s interesting though because I’m in Japan now and Japan’s summer is STILL rainy! And while it is definitely warm, it’s not HOT. (Not yet.)

Ironically, all this rain and cloudy skies is not good for the growing rice, fruits and vegetables. We need sunny blue skies as well as rain for the crops to flourish.

Anyway, I took these photos last summer at the end of last August. (Japan had record-breaking high temperatures in August 2018. We’ll see what happens in August of 2019.)

Above photos are drinks that are in a freezer at the convenience store. They are blocks of ice. So I guess a worker buys one, and in an hour, the drink is deliciously sloshy.





Consumers can purchase the above items, stick it in freezer. It’s like wearing An ice cube scarf around your neck!

“Cool Sheet” hat for kids (above photo)

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