Koriyama City, November 2019 (Part One)

Over the weekend, I went to Koriyama City (south of Fukushima City) to have lunch with the Koriyama City area women. I took a local train. (There is also a bullet train, but it’s expensive.) It takes about fifty minutes to get from Fukushima City to Koriyama City by local train.

I thought that the postures of the people sitting across from me were very interesting. I didn’t want to take their photo because it would be rude to do so. Instead, I sketched a drawing of them.

Population-wise, Koriyama City is the largest city in Fukushima Prefecture. They were having some sort of classic car festival that day.

What a cutie! Half-Chihuahua and half-Miniature Dachshund.

I will be honest. Two years ago, I couldn’t tell a Porsche from a Kia. However, there are fast cars in the manuscript I’m currently working on. So I’ve learned about sports car through research.

What’s the red car?

It’s a classic Porsche!

We don’t see classic cars in Japan much because the rules are quite strict regarding pollution, car insurance and so on. People tend to find it cheaper to upgrade to a new car rather than keep a really old car. these car owners must be real classic car lovers to have kept these cars in great shape over so many years.

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