Netflix’s TV show “Daybreak” which glorifies apocalyptic disaster, making it seem “fun” for kids…..

I wrote a poem:



Another boring day

at school

We wanted to play

but we had to study.


Quake! QUAKE!

Quick, kids!


An ecstasy of water

killling our parents

and our grandparents

pulling them under

the green sea.


Meanwhile, having a meltdown

I cried and cried like I was

a two-year-old again

but nobody comforted me

Mommy and daddy were gone.


Netflix, you would not tell with such high zest

to teenagers ardent for some unadulterated fun

The Old Lie:

Dulce et Ludorem est

Your father and mother are dead.




by Amy Lange Kawamura

based on Wilfred Owen’s poem DULCE ET DECORUM EST




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