Space Park Museum, Koriyama City

Today, I’d like to share some old photos from Koriyama City.

Koriyama City is the biggest city (population-wise) in Fukushima Prefecture.


Behind me is a building which has a museum at its top.


Here I am! At the museum!!!!


Looking down.


Above is a model train set.


Did you have super high-speed trains where you live?

In addition to Japan, super high speed trains are also in the People’s Republic of China, Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Korea….





Koriyama City!!!!!!

I am a huge fan of exclamation points. Notice how much nicer they are rather than:

Koriyama City…..

Koriyama City????

Koriyama City%%%

Koriyama City”””””

Koriyama City$$$$$$

So let’s keep exclamation points alive and well. The more, the better. It’s the little things in life that bring joy.  !!!!!




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