3/11 Anniversary Candles–Machi Hiroba

The earthquake itself was on a Friday afternoon.  Six years later, its anniversary fell on a Saturday.  So that means that darling husband was home instead of at work (as he usually is on a weekday.)   At the time of the earthquake, Japan held a minute of silence.  My husband and I prayed at home during that time.

Later, I went out to see the memorial candles.  I went to two areas:  Machi Hiroba and the area in front of the train station (east exit.)   I took a lot of photos, so I will do each place in a separate post.

This is Machi Hiroba.  Basically the town square.  It’s down the street from the east exit of the station, and also very close to my house.  I come here every year on March eleventh.  This photo says ふくしま3.11 That means “Fukushima 3.11”

Reporters interviewing a girl

Last year, I was able to decorate a candle.  This year I got there too late for that.  This man is decorating his candle.

The sign says, “Candle Night.”

I will show some of the individual candles.  Most have Japanese written on them, but I am assuming most readers of this blog don’t kow any Japanese so I purposely chose mostly the candles with English on them for these photos.

Pray for Happiness

Japanese flag

I ❤ Fukushima

Let’s believe in nature (below that is written in Japanese:  Fukushima 福島)


This is the view in the direction of the station.

And looking back in the other direction, away from the city center.

It was very peaceful.  There were not a lot of people, actually not as many as previous years.  Each year the numbers seem to dwindle.

My son was seven when the earthquake happens, so he remembers it.  (He’s fourteen now.)  However, kids just a little younger than him won’t have any memory of it.  I think it’s important to pass on these memories to the younger generation.

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