3/11 Anniversary Candles–In front of the train station (East Exit)

This was March 11th, 2017, and as I took this photo I was heading toward the train station.  You can see it in the background.

This clock is always decorated in some way, year round.

The candles…  This is in the evening, obviously.

And here is the same photo much earlier, during the daytime:

Thoughts of that terrible day…

This candle holder was constructed by local high school students.

I love Fukushima!

That one of the left (above ) has a swan.  This area (and I think Tohoku in general) is a stopping point for swans in winter.  In summer, they fly to Siberia.

That’s the train station, but SPAL is a shopping center adjacent to the station.  Like many large stations in Japan, the Fukushima City train station is a place for shopping.

And the moon watches us and wonders why….


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