What I found there on Route 4 to the south

Well, remember my last post?  Where I intrepidly explored the south part of Fukushima City?

I went there to do some shopping.  I wanted to go to a home supply store—something that sells furniture-y type items.   You know what I mean–stuff you can find in a house.


Anyway….So first I went to this store:

This store is called “Nittori.”  Back when we lived in Narita City, we lived close to a Nittori, and I always liked it.

By the way, I got permission for ALL the photos on this post.  (I asked the store people.)

It sells almost anything to decorate your house…and prices are reasonable.  (Although, interestingly, it did not sell what I was looking for–a storage bin.)

Notice the English.  English is often used to give an exotic flair in advertising and so on.  If not English, then French.

This is only sold in summer.  Can you guess what it is?

These are bamboo shades.  In the summer–when light is strong–Japanese people cover their windows with these traditional shades.   Many people in Japan do not use air conditioning, by the way.   (Or some will use it sparingly.)

Moving on to this next store, Tokyo Interior.  I had never been to this store before, but I really liked it.  (Plus, I was able to find the exact kind of storage bin I was looking for.  :0) )

Stepping inside the store……

This is interesting.  Very American style…Reminds me of a Hobby Lobby!

This is actually a furniture store.   In addition to typical furniture (sofa, tables, chairs), they have a section devoted to school desks for elementary school kids.  School desks are a big BIG market in Japan.  Studying is taken very seriously here!

Different styles…..

This girl looks excited to study!

Bath area of the store…..

These toilet slippers are so cute!

I’m sure you know Japanese people don’t wear outdoor shoes indoors.  And also they often have bathroom slippers in the bathroom.

I got so excited when I saw these!

I have a collection of educational placemats for kids.   I bought them mostly in the U.S.  It’s hard for me to find them in Japan–even on the internet.  (I’ve looked.)

I wanted to buy some in the above photo …but they were a little expensive (about 500 yen, or five U.S. dollars each) and plus, um, my son is fourteen years old.  lol  So I didn’t.

Good going, placemat maker!  Proud of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids’ play room attached to the store (Tokyo Interior.)  I think it costs 100 yen, and it is for preschool and younger.  (No elementary school kids.)

Amigo:  a pet store.   I don’t have a pet, but shall we go in?

I asked the staff lady if I could take photos for my blog.  She said really that photos aren’t allowed…but she said I could take a few.

Do you what this is?  It’s food for a certain type of animal….

Stag beetles!  A traditional pet during the summer months in Japan

We’ve owned them before.  A good learning experience!

Oops!  I noticed this when I was LEAVING!  Not when I was entering.  But I did ask for permission, and it was granted. (For the record.)

I hope you enjoyed the photos!   And have a great summer (Northern hemisphere people)/winter (Southern hemisphere people)!



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