Eating dinner at Kappa Sushi Restaurant

My niece said that she wanted to eat sushi while in Japan.  So my husband took her, me, and my son to an inespensive sushi restaurant called Kappa Sushi.

I think each plate is about a dollar.  Since it is so cheap, it is very casual.  Lots of families who are on a budget eat here.  It is definitely not an upscale sushi restaurant.

Most plates have two pieces of sushi, but some have just one piece.

See?  It is rolling by on a conveyer belt.  You pick up the sushi plate you want.  You can also order sushi, though.

Hot water comes out of the spigot at the bottom of the photo.  You can use the hot water to make green tea.


Hawaiian style sushi

Eel sushi.  Eel is commonly eaten in Japan at the height of summer.  It supposedly gives energy.

My son chose the “worst” sushi for my niece to eat.  And she ate it.  And she said it was good.

She likes it!

Burp!  Excuse me.  It was delish.

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