Goin’ to Koriyama City

We went to Koriyama City.   No time!  No time!  Hurry!  Get an Ekiben!  Eat it on the train!  Yum!


My ekiben.  Lots of delicious foods.


A pretty princess.  We went to a park in Koriyama City for the Beerfes.  (Beer Festival)

It was a rainy day.

The people ahead of us were in summer kimono.

My niece says this is not a mallard.  (But she doesn’t know for sure.  Now she’s googling it.)

This is her hungry face.


Beer!  Five dollars a cup.

It costs five dollars for each adult to enter, but my son was free because he is under age.  Twenty is the age one can drink alcohol in Japan.

Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi are all famous beer brands.

An oompa band  (that’s what my niece told me that brass band is.)

She looks like a teenager, but she is over twenty.

Fun times in Fukushima Prefecture

Bloomin’ Onions

So incredible yummers

At the Koriyama City train station.

Now it is time to enter another dimension.

My niece and my son travelled backward in time one thousand years.   Aren’t magic portals awesome?


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