Stag Beetle Exhibit at Komu Komu in Fukushima City

A few days ago I took my niece to the local kids’ center in Fukushima City.  (The center’s name is Komu Komu and it is near the downtown train station.)  There was a stag beetle exhibit.

My son didn’t go because he had to visit a high school that day, but my niece loved it so much she wants my son (her cousin) to see it, so this exhibit is what we will be doing today, again, for the second time.

Stag beetles are a very popular thing in Japan during summer.  Really a huge part of the kid culture.

Kids keep them as pets in the summer in Japan.  (And through winter,  if they can keep them alive.  Something we have never managed to do.)

Most kids in Japan are quite knowledgeable about stag beetles.  (In Japanese: kabuto mushi.)

My niece LOVED the exhibit.  She loves animals, and learning about them.

You can touch the beetles.  They won’t bite or sting you.  They are harmless to humans.

This exhibit, however, doesn’t allow you to pick them.  (Although if the beetle is your own pet, it can easily be picked up and allowed to crawl on your body.)

If you don’t like bugs, this exhibit is not for you!

This beetle loves me!  He was exploring my toes.

All over the place…you can see why my niece wants my son to see this exhibit!  He has seen (and owned) stag beetles before, but never been inside a cage with them.

Is this something you would like to try?  It really is fun and educational.  (The sign says:  “Touch them gently.”)

This is a different part of the exhibit.  I wanted to show this photo of the famous Japanese writer/illustrator Gentaro Kagawa.  He is extremely talented.  His books are illustrations of elaborate mazes with different themes.

My son was lucky to be in a workshop held by Mr. Kagawa.  Mr. Kagawa is such a nice guy!!!!!  Really and truly!!!

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