Owl Cafe in Sendai City

Last year, my husband took me and my son to an owl cafe in Sendai City.    My niece saw the Facebook photos of it, and so she wanted to see an owl cafe, too.

The one my husband took us to was called Ricky’s Owl Cafe.  This time, we (my niece, my son, and I) went to a different one called “Owl Cafe.”  Both are located in the downtown area of Sendai City.

My niece was pretty excited.

It’s one large room.  It costs 12,00 yen for each adult, unlimited time.

This meerkat was my favorite.  He was so very, very sweet.  He likes cuddles.

My niece also loved the meerkat.  (Like me, more than the owls.)

Various animals.  They don’t get much of a chance to move around, though.  😦

Sweet bun bun

I spent a lot of time with the meerkat.  He loved affection, so I just held him and stroked him like a cat or small dog.

This is a ferret.  FAR more active than the meerkat.  The ferret wanted to play.  My son was interested in the ferret because one of his favorite youtubers owns a ferret.

One of two pigs

The owl area.  Yeah, the owls can not move around at all.  😦

My son

You can stroke the owls, and also hold them.

Hi, lil guy

A flying squirrel, I believe.

A chinchilla.  And yes, her fur was VERY VERY soft.

Shrine at the owl cafe

Owl cafe’s Tanabata tree


Sendai City is NOT in Fukushima Prefecture.  It is the nearest large city to us.

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