Cow Tongue Lunch in Sendai City

The photos are still from our day trip to Sendai City.   That is the largest city in the Tohoku area of  Japan, and it’s in Miyagi Prefecture.  I asked my niece what the 3/11 disaster is known as in the United States.  She wasn’t really sure, but she said it was known as “Fukushima.”

Actually, more people died in Miyagi Prefecture than in Fukushima Prefecture.  So it is incorrect to think of the disaster as a Fukushima only thing.

There were basically three parts to the disaster: 1.) The earthquake itself and damage caused by the shaking.  2.) Then the tsunami that occured along the coast about forty minutes later (approximately.)   This tsunami was what resulted in the most loss of life (as of this writing.) 3.) Then the meltdowns that occured after the tsunami hit the Dai Ichi power plant on the Fukushima Coast.

In Japan, the 3/11 disaster is usually known as Dai Shinsai (Big Disaster) or Higashi Nihon Dai Shinasi (East Japan Big Disaster.)

Okay, moving right along!!!!!

Beef tongue is a specialty of Sendai City, so went to a beef tongue restaurant named Rikyu.

My beef tongue meal…

My son’s beef tongue meal…

My niece’s meal included sashimi (raw fish) on rice.  She really enjoyed it.


What do you think?  Does it look delicious?  Or would you give it a pass?

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2 thoughts on “Cow Tongue Lunch in Sendai City

  1. It is delicious. There are several restaurants which serve it, and also you can buy bento boxes with cow tongue and rice. Thanks for commenting!


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