Nakago..Fukushima City’s Department Store

Fukushima City’s old department store…..  It is currently composed of two buildings, but one of the buildings will shut down on August 31st, 2017.  Not sure the real reasons why.

Malls were once a big deal in the United States, but in Japan (where land is expensive) department stores were the big deal.  Department stores in Japan tend to be several floors high, and often have gourmet food in the basement.

I personally don’t shop at department stores for clothes, finding them very expensive.  Also, departments stores are old-fashioned and do not make shoes and clothes above a certain size.  (I can hardly ever find a shoe for my size eight and a half foot.  Any bigger than that, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a woman’s shoe.  As far as clothes go……clothes for overweight people don’t really exist in Japan, except on the internet.)


These clothes are “Made in Japan.” I do try to buy made in Japan when possible.

cute ties!  Again “Made in Japan.”

These photos are over a month old.  Now this whole area is almost gone, the remaining items seventy percent off!

Fukushima items

cute cuter and cutest

Bookstore.  Actually, one of my favorite places in Nakago, even if there are VERY few books in English.  I look more at the Japanese books to see what is out. I don’t use this store for buying books in English.

Somebody buy me this globe.  ‘Kay?

This shop has beads…I bet it will be gone after the transformation!  I am not sure what stores will be left and what stores will be gone.  They will move some of the stores to the other building.

Fortuneteller.  I went to this fortuneteller and she looked at my palm and said, “I can see you have written an amazing manuscript. I can’t wait until it gets published so I can purchase it and read it.  And then it will be made into a movie. And then you will win Lotto.  And you won’t even care about winning Lotto because you got your manuscript published and that was all that mattered.”

The grocery store.  I rarely shop here!

Traditional Japanese candy. This grocery store has a nice selection of traditional candy.  I am talking about the kind that elderly Japanese people ate when they were kids—-before chocolate came to Japan and food coloring and so on.  So you can see that there are no bright colors like a lot of modern candy.


Did you enjoy shopping with me? What did you buy?????  If you are in Japan, be sure and go to a real department store.  They are so much fun.  It feels like a trip back to the old days in America when ladies wore hats and gloves and girls wore bobby socks and boys wore coon skin caps and men got worn out with spending the exorbitant sum of five dollars on a new dress for the wife, plus a whole two and a half dollars for matching shoes.



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