news article: Tepco sucks

Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) had the chance to test the Dai ichi nuclear power plant to find out what would happen if a tsunami occured….but Tepco turned down the opportunity. So basically, using the parlance of the younger generation, Tepco sucks.

refused in 2002 to calculate the potential effects of tsunami in case of an earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture

In the spring of 2008, Tepco conducted a simulation and concluded that tsunami as high as 15.7 meters could hit the Fukushima plant. But the firm still did not take action before the 2011 disaster, instead saying the simulation was based on a hypothetical scenario and that there was no evidence suggesting such powerful tsunami would actually engulf the Tohoku region.

Here’s what I think.

Tepco is a Tokyo company.

The people who make the decisions at Tepco live in Tokyo.

The people who make the decisions at Tepco do not live in Fukushima.

And THAT’S why they did not take action.



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