Yonezawa Beef in Fukushima City

Because my son was accepted into the high school of his choice, we took him out to a restaurant to celebrate. Husband asked him what kind of food he wanted. Son said he wanted steak. So….my husband took him to get steak made from Yonezawa Beef.

We’re at the restaurant…..Classy!

You have probably heard of the world-famous Kobe beef. (You know, the beef that Kobe Bryant’s mom named her son after.) Yonezawa beef is one of the top kinds of beef in Japan, in addition to Kobe and Matsuzaka. Here is a link of the “best” beefs

What Are The Best Wagyu Beefs? Let’s Try Japan’s Finest Beef!

It’s listed first, second, third, fourth, etc. but they are ALL high quality and the rankings is the journalist’s opinion.

Two different cuts. We wanted to try both.

The chef cooked in front of us. He chatted with us the whole time, but did not do tricks, like in some restaurants in America.

The chef told me to get my camera ready to take a photo of this!!!!

Of course, it was delicious. Very tender.

Seafood is traditional (as it was plentiful) in Japan, and still extremely common, but nowadays chicken, pork and beef are also eaten frequently.

Yonezawa is a city in Yamagata Prefecture. (My husband is from Yamgata Prefecture.) Yamagata Prefecture is the directly northwest of Fukushima Prefecture.


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